The Roots Of Conflict – Muslim org makes a stand against Wahhabism

SHAFAQNA – Coming this March 18, 2017 The Roots Of Conflict ( will speak against Wahhabism and the exclusionism it advocates to reclaim religious freedom, and spearhead a new social narrative.

The conference, which will bring together renown personalities and speakers, among which: Mohammad al-Nimr, Aisha Jumaan, Kevin Barrett, Catherine Shakdam, and several others will carefully look into the construct of Wahhabism and the role it has played in spearheading wars across the Greater Middle East.

“Religious freedom today has become a matter of dangerous contention! And while of course the debate has been angled against minorities: most of all Muslims, society has failed to appreciate the implications such a policy of exclusionism will have on communities across not just the United States, but the world.

We stand today before a moral precipice – that of bigotry.

Terror is real but it does not hide behind Islam – rather it is powers that have hidden behind the Islamic faith so that an entire community would be blamed for the crimes of a shadowy elite.

As American Muslims, we strive to change the perceptions in the West in regards to Islam and Muslims; and effect U.S. policy in relation to the Muslim world at large that has been mired in a history of conflict via colonialism and imperialism.” ROOTS

Based in Seattle (United States) ROOTS is determined to rise a rampart against the fascism of Wahhabism, and all those who have played religion to wield political power, and sow disunity.



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