The special situation Imam Hassan (AS) faced

SHAFAQNA – Imam Hassan (AS) used to recite many Duas in Qunoot of Salaats, and one of those which showed the situation of his time and difficulties Imam (AS) faced during that time was: O’ Allah (SWT), You know that I have not abandoned my struggles until the time when my sword did not cut any more, and I was alone. At that time, I followed my predecessors (I waited) in order to stop the rebellious enemy to shed the blood of Shias, to protect what was protected by my predecessors (the Prophet (PBUH), Imam Ali (AS), Lady Fatima Zahra (AS)) . I controlled my anger and accepted their (enemy’s) demands and said nothing until Your help arrives, because You are the only and the best defender and Supporter of the truth, even though this help may be delayed and the destruction of the enemy may take longer [1].

[1] Mohajul Da’awat, Seyyed ibn Tawoos, Page 145.

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