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THE WAR ON MUSLIM CHILDREN / Exclusive for Shafaqna



Father Frank Gelli is an Anglican priest and cultural critic and commentator. He has a BA in Philosophy, MA in Christian Ethics, MA in Islamic Studies, PGCE in Religious Education and Oxford Certificate in Theology. He has been a journalist & drama critic in Italy and England.  
The suffering of innocent kids in Syria and the rest of the Middle East moves the hardest hearts but it is despicable when used by the wicked as a pretext for war according to Father Frank Gelli – this is in fact what Donald Trump, the Zionists and their friends are doing in Syria today . Allah has said in the Qur ‘an that He does not love those who create trouble in the Earth. (16:90, 9:111) He also said that people who do wrong will be punished. Now this doesn’t mean that Islam is against fighting or defending one’s self. Allah said, “And those who, when they are oppressed wrongly, help and defend themselves.” (42:39). What Islam is against is random violence and senseless killing. According to the Qur’an, “If you kill a life it is as if you killed all life.” Of course the life in question is of an innocent person. (See 190,2:229 and 16:90 for example.)
It’s interesting to note that the Prophet once mentioned to a companion of his after a battle that “You have left the lesser Jihad, now you are coming to the greater jihad. The struggle against yourself (meaning your own soul and the temptations which affect it). If Muslims are being oppressed or victimized, then we can fight back. (16:41-42) If anyone dies in a Jihad they automatically will go to Paradise. A Shaheed or Martyr, is described this way by Allah, “Don’t think that those who were killed in Allah’s Cause are dead.No, they are alive, finding their bounty in the presence of their Lord.” (3:169). It is fairly clear that the Resistance movement that has emerged in the Middle East is made up of predominantly the Muslims aligned to Ahlul Bayt (as) who whether on the battlefields of Badr , Uhad,Khandaq, Jamal or Siffin conducted themselves with the highest ethical standards of war. The Takfiri mercenaries, best likened to the Khwarij or anti Ahlulbayt factions of yore, are today the primary proxy force being used by Western and Zionist oppressors and whilst they may insist on calling themselves Muslims; they certainly do not qualify as Quranic-defined jihadists. The resistance on the other hand do –  they are Ghazi’s, Jihadi’s  and Shaheed’s fighting for the future of innocent children and the establishment of Allah’s justice on Earth. Christians and other minorities n the Middle East, who Muslims are also charged by Allah swt to protect are both victims and allies of the Momineen in these Zionist and Neocon imposed wars.
In light of Islamic clarity on war Father Frank Gelli reflects on the current wars imposed on the Muslim world and says it is “harrowing to see Syrian little children suffering from chemical attacks. It moves you, it angers you, it makes you want to punish the criminals responsible but…beware! It can also be propaganda device. During WWI the Allies swore that the German Army in occupied Belgium systematically cut off the hands of teenage boys and other atrocities. ‘The rape of Belgium’, they screamed. It was a lie. Made more foul by the fact that Belgian colonialists in the Congo had mutilated the hands and feet of African children. King Leopold II, a relative of Queen Victoria, personally owned the Congo. He vastly enriched himself brutally exploiting that unhappy country. Leopold’s slave drivers drenched the land in the blood of the Africans. Writer Mark Twain described those horrors in the chilling Soliloquies of King Leopold. It even shocked British imperialist Cecil Rhodes: ‘That man is a devil, I tell you, a devil!’ Rhodes aptly termed the inhuman monarch. But the real story of innocent Africanchildren butchered and brutalised by Belgian colonialists was of no interest to the Allies. They preferred and spread the fake news of German crimes.”

When it comes to the little ones, how many Indian children starved to death in the 1943 Bengal famine, under Britain’s ‘benign’ colonial rule? Over 2 million people died, in Bengal alone – surely many were kids. PM Winston Churchill denied them access to international aid. The generous heart of the man later awarded the title of ‘the greatest Briton’. The same Churchill who in 1919 ordered chemical attacks on Russian revolutionary villages! Ancient tales, of no relevance today? Consider the figure of half million Iraqi children’s deaths, owing to the West’s crippling economic sanctions. US Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright was President Clinton’s appointment, women-abusing Bill prided himself on having the first female to the job. (Also the first dwarf, given her vertically-challenged physique.) When Albright was confronted with that horrendous charge on TV, she made no attempt to deny it. Instead, her candid reply was that the little Arab ones’ lives were a price ‘worth it’. The graceless, decrepit creature is still alive, fulminating against ‘rising fascism’ and Trump. Fascism eh? Pretty rich, coming from a politician who basked in the demise of half-million innocent kids!

On FB my friend Leo Cecchini, a former US diplomat, asks why Bashar Assad should have used chemical weapons, when his side ‘has already won the war against the rebels. It just doesn’t make sense’. He observes how the Russian Foreign Minister has fingered the rebels: they did it! That would make sense. The rebels – including jihadi terrorists guilty of horrendous crimes against Christians and other minorities – stand to gain the most from knee jerk international reactions. It was in the rebels’ interest to launch the chemical attack. To lure foolish Western leaders to fight on their side. Will Trump take leave of his senses and bomb Assad? Puzzling, given that one of his electoral pledges was to rein back America from military interventions abroad. Why the U-turn? Sheer cussedness? Trump speaks of ‘Animal Assad’. Should he fall into rebels’ trap, would he become ‘Donkey Donald’?Or could it be a matter of family influence? Don’t mean lovely wife Melania but Trump’s creepy daughter Ivanka and her creepier husband, Jared Kushner, with their links to Israel. Does that conjure up another likely scenario? Many times has Israel bombed Syria. The latest missile strike hit the T-4 airfield near Homs, close to the ancient site of Palmyra, once ruined by the ISIS barbarians. The strikes evince sinister Israeli plans, not simply military but strategic and geopolitical. The Zionist state seeks to profit from the Syrian civil war and destroy for good the Syrian state, to consolidate its hold over the illegally occupied Golan Heights. Further, as President Assad gave the Palestinians some degree of support…geddit? Above all, PM Netanyahu wants to castrate the Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah. The only Arab fighting force that has given Israel’s Army a bloody nose. With Hezbollah out of the way, Israel might feel free to push the beleaguered people of Gaza into Northern Sinai, out of the way. Iran will then be next to be targeted. With Saudi-Wahhabi support. La samaha Allah!

Children and Israel, oh, yes. How many Arab children are slain by Israelis? According to the Palestinian Ministry of Information in Ramallah, by 2013 the Israelis killed 1518 Palestinians kids. Over 6000 were injured. The figures would be higher by now. In 2016 alone 32 children were shot. There are children in prison where they are often tortured. Do you hear about these statistics? Independent media mention them occasionally but they never get the kind of obsessive, magnified attention the Douma victims got. Israeli crimes against children and other civilians are routinely ignored or underplayed. Are Palestinians then a non-people? Doesn’t their little ones’ blood count?

Theresa May, that parody of a leader, is urged to join the nightmare armed coalition against Syria. ‘Don’t let the French steal the act!’ Tory warmongers spur her. The French! Meaning pipsqueak, jumped-up technocrat Macron and his gang. Itching to emulate ex-President Sarkozy’s exploits. (How many Algerian children died during the French colonial war there, I wonder?) Sarkozy, the crook being investigated for taking bribes from Libya’s Gaddafi, whose country he later helped to devastate. But Theresa isn’t egged on by Tories alone. Tony Blair too calls for British intervention in Syria. Like Dracula, the aging man’s blood lust is insatiable. Had he a conscience, it would tell him to discourage another disastrous adventure like the invasion of Iraq. But, no, Tony keeps at it, regardless of the deluge of evils that war unleashes on the innocent. There is something frightening about a warped mind like that.A US-led war on Syria looms. Verily, this is the hour of the scoundrels and the powers of darkness.”


The word Jihad literally means, to struggle or strive, or to work for something with determination. It does not mean war. The Arabic word for war is Harb and the word for fighting is Qital. This is important to know, because making Jihad is any action which is done to further the cause of Allah. Even giving da’wah in a tough place, going to learn knowledge or donating money when it’s a hardship can be a type of Jihad. (4:81) .However, the word jihad is most often associated with the act of physically confronting evil and wrong-doing, hence, it can be applied to the act of fighting as well. (3:110) But the goal of a physical Jihad is not to have a big war, gain riches or kill people, it is to further the cause of Allah and to create justice on Earth. (5:0) Then, when the evil is removed, or the other side wants peace, we are to make peace as well. (8:61) A person came to the Blessed Prophet and asked, “A man fights for treasure, another for fame and a third for bravery. Whose fighting is for the Cause of Allah?” The Blessed Prophet answered, “The one who fights so that the Word of Allah becomes supreme, his fight is for Allah..A physical Jihad may only be initiated for three reasons : firstly To defend the Muslim community against aggression secondly to eliminate an evil force which is oppressing people and thirdly to remove any barrier to the free flow of Islamic da’wah. (8:39). The first two are easy to understand. The third would be necessary if, for example, there was a Country which forbade the practice of Islam or its preaching. because it’s argued that they are obviously wrong-doers and are attempting to stop the truth from being preached. 
What are the oppressors in the Middle East fighting for?  Power, wealth, planetary resources and depopulation. They use Takfirism, sectarianism, psyops, false flag operations, media propaganda as well as both actual and contrived genocidal acts, such as Sarin Gas upon Syrians and phosphorous bombs on Gazans, to achieve these inhumane ends. These Satanic acts represent irrefutable evidence that they are in fact the jahilliyah of today – Godless immoral barbarians, who the Western populace bare responsibility for empowering through their electoral systems. Moral relativism, Western supremacy, or white privilege should not cloud the judgement of this public who espouse the same virtue ethics as the children that are being annihilated by the policies and decisions of their governments. Believing Christians Muslims and Jews and all those with humanitarian values must unite to protect the children against the wicked heartless moneylenders ‘perpetual war’ agenda; in anticipation of the return of Imam Mahdi (as) and the Messiah for ultimate justice on Earth to prevail.

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