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The way Imam Ali (AS) described Lady Fatima Zahra (AS) and Bani Hashim to Moawiyeh

SHAFAQNA – Moawiyeh wrote a letter to Imam Ali (AS) and in it started glorification of himself and his dynasty. In reply Imam Ali (AS) described the virtues of Bani Hashim and the scandals of Bani Ummayah: How and where you are equal to us! When, the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) is from us, and the liar (Abu Jahl; Abu Gahel) is from you; and Asadullah (Hamza (AS); Seyyedul Shohada) is from us, and Asadul Ahlaf (Abu Sofian) is from you; and the two youths of paradise, (Imam Hassan (AS), Imam Hussain (AS)) are from us, and from you, the children who are destined for fire [1]. And the best of women in the world (Fatima (AS)) is from us, and it is from you the one who is the wood-carrier of hell (Umm Jameel the wife of Abi Lahab) [2]. And much more of what has been mentioned can be said about our virtues, and your scandals [3].

[1] Pointing to what the Prophet (PBUH) mentioned when after Badr War he ordered to kill Oqbat ibn Abi Mo’it; then Oqbah asked: Who will remain for children? The Prophet (PBUH) replied; the fire.

[2] Umm Jameel, the sister of Abu Sofian, the wife of Abu Lahab, and the aunt of Moawiyeh.

[3] Nahjul Balaghah, Letter 28, translation by Dr Shahidi.

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