The way Imam Ali (AS) preserved the unity of the Islamic nation (Part Four)

SHAFAQNA – In Sireh of Ibn Hisham it is narrated from Ayasha who said: After the passing away of the Prophet (PBUH), Arab returned to apostasy and hypocrisy became apparent. Masoodi in Morawwejul Zahab said: The wave of apostasy started 10 days after the passing away of the Prophet (PBUH). Apart from people of Mecca, Medina and a minority of other tribes almost all others turned away from Islam. Ibn Atheer and Tabarani also said that after the passing away of the Prophet (PBUH) except Quraysh and Thaqeef, most Arabs became apostates to varying degrees.

For example some said we will not pay Zakat to Islamic government or some said we do not recognise the Khalifah (Islamic ruler). Zubair ibn Bekar narrated from Mohammad ibn Ishaq that after the events of Thaqeefah, one of the children of Abu Lahab came to Imam Ali (AS) and started praising him despite being Imam’s enemy and said negative things about Abu Bakr and Omar! He said: Governance is Ali’s right and encouraged Imam (AS) to uprising against the first Caliph and told Imam Ali (AS) that we are standing next to you. Imam Ali (AS) looked at him for a while and replied: In my opinion, preserving the real Islam is more important than the governance. Then Imam Ali (AS) asked him, since when you have become my supporter?

Explanation: By Hassan Rahimpour

To be continued

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