The way Imam Ali (AS) preserved the unity of the Islamic nation (Part One)

SHAFAQNA – In letter number 62 of Nahjul Balagha, Imam Ali (AS) said: When the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) passed away, differences appeared between Muslims about who should be the ruler. At first I thought there would be no problems on this regard but differences occurred. I did not protest and at the beginning I did not swear allegiance to anyone. I reminded them points which they already confirmed themselves. But then, I noticed the movement of weakening Islam and Quran was reinforcing.

Many new Muslims became apostates. I feared the wave of apostasy would be strengthened and God’s religion would be in danger. I feared that if I do not do sacrifice for the sake of Islam then the internal war would break out between Muslims and the true Islam will be in danger. I had to choose between Khalafah (rule of the Islamic world) and the survival of true Islam. If in this condition I would have insisted on my right to become the Khalifah (ruler of the Islamic world), Islam would have been in danger.
Explanation by: Hassan Rahimpour
To be continued

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