The way Imam Ali (AS) preserved the unity of the Islamic nation (Part Two)

SHAFAQNA – I thought, if I become a ruler, my rule would last a few years but damage to Islam would have been irreversible. I did my duty and swore allegiance and did not allow the falsehood to progress. Ibn Abelhadeed narrated that in the War of Jamal Imam Ali (AS) was travelling from Kufa towards Basra and said: I criticized the Caliphs but I realised that staying and bearing the situation with all the difficulties was surely more important than getting into quarrels with them and witness the internal fight break out between Muslims leading to bloodshed.

I saw people just converted to Islam and if I insist on taking the rule which was my right, the new Muslims would think that the companions of the Prophet (PBUH) are quarreling with each other for reaching to the power. Religion is like a vessel full of milk and if not looked after can go off at any time. In Almanaqeb it is narrated from Aboltofail Amer ibn Wa’eleh that Imam Ali (AS) was against the events on the day of Saqifeh. But when they paid allegiance to Abu Bakr, I heard from Imam Ali (AS) who said: Swear to God, I am more suitable to rule than him but I heard people paid allegiance to him and I followed.

Explanation by: Hassan Rahimpour

To be continued

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