There is no discrimination in Islam whatsoever

SHAFAQNA – Two poor women came to Imam Ali (AS) and asked to be helped. Imam Ali (AS) said: If you are telling the truth, it is Wajib for us to help you. Then Imam Ali (AS) sent someone to the market to buy clothes and food for them as well as paid 100 dirhams to each of those two women. But one of those women started protesting by saying: I am an Arab, but this woman is a non-Arab, why you treating us the same? An Arab’s share must be more. Imam Ali (AS) replied: I have read the Quran carefully and thoughtfully, I have not seen any difference between Arab and non-Arab in any verse of the Quran even to the size of the wing of a mosquito [1].

[1] Tareekh Yaqoobi, Vol. 2, Page 183.

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