Third Freedom Flotilla to sail for Gaza soon

SHAFAQNA - The organizers of the third Freedom Flotilla said their Gaza-bound convoy of vessels would leave the Greek mainland in the next few days despite Israeli threats to attack it.

This came in press remarks made by Mazen Kaheel, head of the European campaign to end the siege on Gaza, following a recent meeting held by the Freedom Flotilla Coalition in the Greek capital Athens.

Kaheel said that all members of the coalition stressed during the meeting the importance of their humanitarian move towards the besieged people of Gaza, who live under threat of slow death as a result of years of tight blockade.

He added that the third campaign of Freedom Flotilla would be taking place amid persistent international silence on Israel’s blockade on Gaza, which he described as one of the greatest crimes committed against humanity in modern times.

More than one hundred people from around the world, including politicians, academics, jurists, human rights activists and media figures will be taking part in the third Freedom Flotilla campaign.

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