Ties between Tehran and Kabul benefit regional security: Iran FM

SHAFAQNA – Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif in a phone conversation with his Afghan counterpart Salahuddin Rabbani underlined that development of ties between Tehran and Kabul can serve regional security.

During the phone talks on Thursday morning, Zarif congratulated Rabbani on gaining the vote of confidence from Afghanistan’s National Assembly, and said he was sure that expansion of Iran-Afghanistan relations at all levels would be to the benefit of both nations and safeguard the security and tranquility in the region.

He hailed Afghanistan Parliament’s vote of confidence for the country’s new cabinet, noting that it would lead to formation of national solidarity government.

Also on Wednesday, the Iranian Foreign Ministry said in a statement that the Afghan parliament’s move was “a step forward towards formation of the national solidarity government” in that country.

“Formation of the national solidarity government has increased the hope for strengthening unity among the people of Afghanistan and consequently the hope for restoration of a lasting peace and security in that country. That is why Iran was the first country that welcomed and will continue its support for the agreement made by Afghanistan’s political leaders on establishing a national solidarity government,” it added.

Felicitating the approved ministers, Iran’s Foreign Ministry voiced readiness to continue cordial relations with the national solidarity government of Afghanistan.

It also expressed the hope for the quick completion of Afghanistan cabinet, nothing that it would “help further promotion of Tehran-Kabul constructive cooperation” in all fields.

The Afghan lawmakers approved nine of President Ashraf Ghani’s cabinet nominations in secret balloting Wednesday before going on a six-week recess.

Wednesday’s voting came after two weeks of controversy that caused several changes to the 25-member Cabinet initially proposed by Ghani’s government.





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