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A timeless Dua by Lady Fatimah Zahra (SA)

SHAFAQNA – In one of her timeless Duas, Lady Fatimah Zahra (SA) requested from Allah (SWT): O’ God, I request pure belief and monotheism (Towhid) from You; and that I fear God when I am angry and when I am in good mood/happy; and that I observe moderation when I am poor or when I am rich [1]. In this Dua, the daughter of the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) mentioned her three requests from God; the first relates to the heart, the second relates to morality, and the third is behavioural. Regarding the first request, it must be said that without paying attention to God and having a proper belief, the thought and the action of the human being will be deviated from the right path. The second request is concerned with fearing God in all conditions. Some people cross the limits and make inappropriate decisions when they get angry. Observing the truth and justice at all the times is an indicator of healthy morality and belief of the human being. And regarding the third request, it must be said that some people when they are poor, they are unthankful to God as well as being jealous, and another group of people when they are rich and comfortable, they exceed from what is reasonable or appropriate.

[1] Beharul Anwaar, Vol. 94, Page 225.

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