Top Ayatollahs in Qom issue condemnation against death sentence to Sheikh Nimr

SHAFAQNA – The execution verdict issued, by a court against the prominent Saudi religious scholar, Sheikh Nimr Baqir al-Nimr, reflect widespread condemnation from Muslims around the world, especially Maraja and the clerics in Iran. Clerics in Qom, condemns the death sentence issued against Sheikh Nimr, and warned Saudi authorities of the consequences that would result from the execution of Sheikh Nimr. In this regard, Ayatollah Sobhani condemns Saudi court’s decision, saying that Saudi princes should not think, that the protests will end, but will switch every drop of his blood to revolutionaries to shake the pillars of governance more than ever before. He called scholars of Islam in the Hijaz and other  of Two Holy Mosques, to deliver their protest voice to be heard to regime and prevent them from implementing the execution.

In turn, Ayatollah Mohammed Alawi Gerjani expressed his message about the deep regret of the verdict,  added:despite the fact that martyrdom in the way of the struggle against injustice and the idol of pride for all scholars and Shias, but my regretted on Al Saud rulers , dealing with their citizens without chivalry rather than adhering to justice and good deal. He added: as I condemn this verdict, and am  confident that such practices will not only lead to the weakening of the status of the al-Saud in the region and among the Saudi people and that such a decision will not prevent these people from continuing their struggle.

Also Ayatollah Nouri Hamedani issued a statement to condemn the court decision said: We warn the Saudi officials that such verdicts injure the feelings of Shias in the whole world, and they have to know that there is no way in front of them, that only to meet the people’s legitimate demands. Added : the human rights institutions should not be silent about these practices and have to work on the rights  abuses of the people .

Ayatollah Sheikh Nasser Makarem Shirazi condemns the death sentence against scholar Ayatollah Sheikh Nimr Baqir al-Nimr in Saudi Arabia, adding that doing this practice will yield results of Saudi Arabia that can not be predicted.Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi, in a speech on Saturday before starting his lecture in holy city of Qom,  said it was arbitrary verdict , added that Sheikh Nimr does not have any negative action or sabotage in order to deserve such verdict, he was only expressing his sense of liberation in his speech.He expressed his regret that the Shia Muslims in Saudi Arabia face many pressures and prevented from practicing their religion and crackdown their rights and they are prohibited from engaging in a lot of business and activities.He stressed, as the Saudi regime should be aware that if the attempt to commit such an act would raise against him Sunni and Shia Muslims and they should bear results.

Ayatollah Golpayegani condemns during his meeting with the President of the Office of the Presidency of the Republic Mohammad Nahavandian, the death sentence against Sheikh Nimr said, that the death sentence issued against this scholar of religious, freedom fighter and affected by the oppressed and has caused severe Sorry. This scholar in which the rulers of Saudi Arabia was sentenced him to death in arbitrary action without any fault he committed .

Ayatollah Golpayegani called, Iranian Foreign Minister to take urgent action and the transfer all of condemnations by scholars of Islam and Muslims as a whole to the rulers of Saudi Arabia and remind them of the implications that would result from it.He said that the aim of issuing this verdict, is the face of Islamic awakening in the region.

Member of the Assembly of Experts, Ayatollah Kaabi, condemns the Saudi Arabia  court’s decision against Ayatollah Nimr that was sentenced to death without any guilt, only saying the facts in the region .He added, that the death sentence against Sheikh Nimr,  has been the reaction on the part of all Liberal in the world, exceeded the issue of Shia , Sunnis and Islam. It  has become an issue between the American and authentic Islam.He stressed that the implementation of the verdict will increase the problems where as his release will help the security, stability and opens the door to dialogue and understanding and removes existing tensions.He warned that the implementation of execution will give a strong response from the Qom Hawza and religious scholars and would make relations more difficult.

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