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Top Iran’s security official underlined failure of repeated cyber attacks on Iran

SHAFAQNA – A top security official on Saturday stressed the need to further implication of information technology, noting that Iran has succeeded in properly responding to enemies’ cyber attacks.

General Yahya Rahim Safavi made the remarks while visiting an IT research center affiliated to the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) in Tehran.

Referring to the powerful IT networks of the countries which are enemies of the Islamic Iran, Safavi stressed the need for promoting Iran’s IT system in kind.

He urged Iran’s IT centers to adopt a “pre-emptive approach towards future cyber risks” by monitoring various threats and formulating and implementing proper scenarios to encounter them.

Safavi said avoiding any strategic surprise attacks against Iran is the focal duty of the country’s IT and research centers.

Also noting that cyber attacks could paralyze key centers in any country, the official said, “The worst thing that could happen to a country is the strategic ambush.”

Safavi said that Iran’s Armed Forces have “made remarkable breakthroughs in the field of counter-cyber attacks operations.”



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