Top Quran Memorizers Compete in Qatar’s ‘Best of Best’ Int’l Contest


Titled “Best of the Best”, it has been attended by top winners of Quran competitions in different countries, al-Arab daily reported.

The 27 contenders are from countries like Palestine, Egypt, Qatar, Nigeria, Chad, Malaysia, Cameroon, Algeria, Tunisia, Jordan, Somalia, Libya, Turkey, Bangladesh, Morocco, Mali, and Mauritania.

Quran experts from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Qatar form the panel of the judges.

The competition is aimed at promoting memorization of the Holy Quran and contemplating the Holy Book’s teachings, according to the organizers.

It will continue at the national amphitheater in the Qatari capital of Doha until Tuesday, December 6.

The competition, which is part of the Sheikh Jasim Quran Contest, is planned to be held every three years.

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