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The tourist, found her way in Mashhad



The foreign tourist who is displeased with her placement,

She searshes for better habitation,
she complaines against driving in Mashhad streets, especially she is worried from riding in private automobile instead Taxi…
These are first our mental picture from Angella.
We helped for her dwelling.Our mental picture gradually changed from her.

The charmed essence that is familiar with Islam just for a few months, by muslim professor of Birmangam university, and similar to major part of newly converted to Islam, is affected by idyllic narrative of Ashura especially Imam Hosein’s flagman.

We saw by our eyes which we had heard :
The European citizen who with high moral intelligence had followed to complete her hole of soul,
who have convenient situation of family, good job, numerous travel, and diverse sports.
In spite of role of these in healthy and sanity, but these are not perfect reply for her real desire.
The charmed essence that had blazed for hearing Ashura narrative, she had practiced praying and cried all the time until she had learned Arabic praying.

Presently in the beginning of entrance into Imam Reza’s shrine, she had got in contact with this Imam.
she was saying: Although her Imam is Imam Hossein (A.S),
but she had wonderful sense to Imam Reza(A.S).
Her spiritual experiment was advantage for us :great advantage from understanding pure sense,that was transfered to us by pure parley.
Sorrow was seen in her face clearly at exiting from Mashhad.
She had prayed for coming to Mashhad second time…

Now,after her going,we are and some body who have great soul as Angella :pure men who are in our surrounding as them but is seldom…

O my beautiful saint

ای پارسای نیکوی من

Oh my beloved how far you be
Every day I dream of reaching thee.

جانان من؛ هر قدر هم دور باشی [از برم]
[باز] هر روز خیال رسیدن به تو دارم در سرم

My eyes close and my soul flies
Towards your golden domes through the skies.

بسته می شوند دیدگانم و روحم میکند پرواز
در آسمان ها رو به سوی آن گنبد طلایی [پر راز]

The white doves descend on your marble courtyard
Paying homage to you and your visitors they guard.

فرود می آیند بر سنگ های مرمرین صحن[ها] سپید کبوتران
در حالی که به تو ادای احترام می کنند و هستند محافظ زائران

Alone in the land of Khorasan were you
And now reason for millions of visitors as far as the eye can view.

تو یکه نشین بودی به ارض خراسان
حال شده ای حجت و دلیل دریای بیکران زائران

A king in waiting they declared
And yet they crowned you with poison instead.

تو را نامیده بودند سلطان آتی
حال آنکه با شوکران آمدند بهر تاجگذاری

The heart aches of the pain you endured
And yet of many countless salvation you have insured.

دل به درد می آید از تاب آوردنت در برابر تالمات
و از بی شمار دفعاتی که شدی ضامن رستگاری و نجات

Your shrine is a place of serenity and calm
You are the originator of the Muslim Psalm.

بارگاهت مأمنی است [مملو از] صفا و آرامش
برای مسلمین تویی سرمنشأ مناجات و نیایش

O my beautiful saint
The thought of seeing you makes me faint.

ای پارسای نیکویم
خیال وصال تو کرده مدهوشم

The pain of distance is hard to bare
I long to reach your shrine so that I may prayer.

صعب است تاب غم هجران و دوری
آرزومندم برسم به بارگاهت تا کنم دعایی

Next to my beloved I will stay
Until my hair is white and grey.

خواهم ماند بر آستانت ای جانانم
تا آنکه سفید شوند همه گیسوانم

The king of my heart you will always be
The ship of salvation in a turbulent sea.

تو هستی همیشه سلطان قلبم
[و] در دریایی متلاطم، کشتی نجاتم

Your blessed name brings me peace
By which to my Creator and Sustainer my love does increase.

نام [بلند] و مبارکت برای من مایه ی آرامش است و صفا
و از برکتش شیفتگی ام زیادت می شود نسبت به نگهدارنده ام آن خالق [یکتا]

I know you are generous and kind
I am lost to your love and truly blind.

می دانم که تویی بخشایشگر و مهربان
گمگشته عشق توام و از عشقت عاجزند [هر دو] دیدگان

My hope and my life to your service I place
Once more permit me to view your golden shrine by your grace.

به خدمت تو می گمارم [همه] امید و زندگانیم
تا دیگر بار منت گذاری و عطا کنی نظاره ی آن بارگاه [نورانی] ام

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