Treating enemies according to Imam Ali (AS)

SHAFAQNA – Hojr ibn Oday and Amr ibn Hamq were two brave and loyal companions of Imam Ali (AS). During the War of Siffin, they expressed their disgust at the Shaam (Damascus) army and used some inappropriate language against them. The news reached Imam Ali (AS) and Imam (AS) sent them message asking them not to use inappropriate language.

They came to Imam Ali (AS) and said: The Shaam army are the followers of Moawiyeh, are they not on the unjust path? Imam Ali (AS) replied: Yes, they are on the unjust path. They asked: So, why do you forbid us to express our disgust at them? Imam Ali (AS) replied: I do not approve any inappropriate language but if you reveal their behaviour and corrupt ways, then your words are true and your cause plausible.

Imam Ali (AS) added: Instead of saying other things, you should have prayed to God, saying: O’ God, preserve our blood and their blood and make the situation between us better, guide them from state of being misled so that they can recognise the truth, and stop those who fight the truth [1].

[1] Menhajul Bara’ah,Vol. 13, page 94.

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