Trudeau speaks!

SHAFAQNA (International Shia News Association) We were getting worried for a second. Had the poor man gone mute?

It had been a while since the media heard from Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau. But then finally they got a chance to chat with him in London, Ontario, Tuesday.

Oh, that we should not go so long again without the sweet sounds of your voice, Justin!

He was in town to meet with local politicians, tour businesses and talk economic growth.

Speaking to the press, Trudeau took the opportunity to lob tough words at Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Trudeau needled the Conservatives for delaying the budget until at least April.

He also has doubts about their plan, saying the projected “surplus is disappearing. Mr. Harper is now facing a very different reality which has him lurching about searching for a Plan B, making it up as he goes along.”

Trudeau will have you believe that Harper writes his economic policies on a napkin. But the Liberal leader? He’s got the goods to shepherd the economy, he says. Pick him in October!

A couple problems with this. First: He wants us to believe he’s a better manager of the economy but he won’t discuss any economic ideas. At least not until his election platform rolls out. You can’t make this stuff up, folks.

By all means, call out the PM. But it should be a race to the top between who has the better ideas.

Here’s the bigger problem though: Where has he been? Why is he only coming out of hiding now?

Perhaps to regain his front-runner status. Polling shows the Conservatives are getting their mojo back.

But we know the bigger reason. It’s that the coast is clear. The hard topics like terrorism and radical Islam are off the front pages.

Notice how Trudeau was absent throughout the Charlie Hebdo conversation?

Well you probably didn’t. Why? As columnist Anthony Furey recently put it: “Because while Trudeau is a charming placeholder for opponents of Harper to throw their support at, no one actually considers him a credible mind when it comes to issues of substance.”

If Trudeau wants the big prize, he’s going to have to fight the tough battles.


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