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Tunisia elections – Ghannouchi to saty

SHAFAQNA – The leader of Tunisia’s Ennhadha party, Rached Ghannouchi, was re-elected to the party’s leadership for a new five-year term.

Ghannouchi was confirmed as president of the party with 800 votes in favour, compared to 229 for Fethi Ayadi and 29 for Mohamed Akrout.

After the election, Ghannouchi explained in a speech that the party has already dealt with the issue of separating religion and politics and is now focused on the Tunisian people’s daily needs.

He admitted there are problems within the Ennahda, but said that this is a part of how the movement operates.

Ghannouchi promised a path of reform and development after seeing that the party has succeeded in renewing itself based on the needs of the Tunisian people.

“Ennahda was a pioneer in reinforcing the idea of democracy and in self-criticism and accepting constant revisions,” he said.

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