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Turkey and KSA back Daesh efforts in Syria in the open – World community keeps mum


SHAFAQNA – As demonstrated by Turkey military efforts against Kurdish positions in northern Syria this weekend, Ankara, and its regional political hegemon: Saudi Arabia, have thrown all cares to the wind in their quest for control in the Levant.

In this desperate grasp for power both Saudi Arabia and Turkey might have as well made their ties with terror public … their actions as it were are speaking louder than any press conference would have done.

Under the brutal leadership of President Recep Erdogan, Turkey has become an ally of Terror, a promoter of Terror … a Terror state onto itself, a heinous democratic devolution!

A NATO member and as aspiring EU member-state, Turkey has been actively targeting those very forces in Syria, which, with the Resistance movement, have successfully managed to push back Daesh militants and offer protection to communities. Acting under the only too convenient banner of “national security” Ankara has de facto offered military cover for the likes of Daesh, al-Nusra and other terror acronyms.

Before Ankara’s folly, before Saudi Arabia unfettered Wahhabism, Western powers are now panicking  – grasping maybe the sheer madness of their alliances in the Middle East. Aligned with those malignant powers which have aided and abated Terror from its very inception, Western capitals are looking on developments with much political wariness.

So much so that they have called for a change in tactics. The question everyone should be asking is: will Ankara and Riyadh heed their former patrons’ warnings?”

France’s foreign ministry has urged Turkey to end its assault on Kurdish fighters in northern Syria. In a statement (in French) it said it was “worried about the continued worsening of the situation”.

Turkey’s assault is a new thread in an already-complex conflict that has drawn in competing regional powers.

A statement on Syria’s state news agency also condemned Turkey’s intervention, calling it “outrageous violation of international law”.

France also called on the regime and its allies to stop their bombardments “across the whole of the country”.

France said priority should be given to implementing an agreement reached in Munich this week, and the fight against Daesh.

In this fight against Wahhabism we find ourselves caught into, we ought to understand that salvation lies in our ability to rally against our common enemy, despite our differences.

By Catherine Shakdam for Shafaqna

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