Turkish cleric laments reaction to Charlie Hebdo attack while millions of Muslims massacred

SHAFAQNA- Turkey’s Directorate of Religious Affairs head Mehmet Görmez has complained that the world, which has not raised its voice against the killing of millions of Muslims around the world, is up in arms about the killing of “just 12 people” in Paris.

“And we are watching the modern world. On the one side, 12 million have been massacred in the past 10 years in the Islamic world, which has been in severe pain. But last week in Paris, 12 people were brutally killed in a way that cannot be approved of by any Muslim. We saw that humanity, which did not speak up against the massacre of 12 million people, stood up against the murder of just 12 people. I should note that the humanity should come to its senses immediately,” Görmez said on Tuesday in Edirne.

Stating that making a distinction between deaths does not befit humanity, he said, “Seeking a difference between terrorism which is based on secularism and terrorism which is based on so-called religious bases is not correct.”

Görmez added that every Muslim should condemn terrorism and violence without “buts.” “I wanted to appeal to the conscience of humanity. Violence is not gotten rid of with violence. Blood is not cleared by blood. The world’s security is not sustained by pressure on beliefs,” he added.

A total of 12 people were killed when two Islamist militants burst into Charlie Hebdo’s weekly editorial meeting last Wednesday, opening fire in revenge for the paper’s publication of satirical images of Prophet Muhammad in the past.

According to Turkey’s top cleric, “spiritual torture carried out by humiliating the sacred values of Muslims who underwent great traumas in the face of colonialism, occupations and attacks is somehow an invitation for this state of madness.”

“It does not benefit anyone and the modern world to first create situations of madness in the Islamic world and then invite these actions by humiliating the sacred values of Islam. It is also unacceptable to do this in the name of freedom of expression,” he said.

Source: todayszaman.com

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