Turkish Jews Host Muslims for Ramadan Iftar in Synagogue

SHAFAQNA - To celebrate the reopening of the historical Edirne Synagogue, Turkey’s Jewish community held an Iftar meal for hundreds of Muslims on June 21 in the northwestern province of Edirne.

The Iftar meal, which is served to break the whole day fasting during Ramadan, brought together over 700 Muslims and Jews, who expressed their appreciation for the reopening of their place of worship.

“We thought that the most convenient way to thank people in Edirne was to share an iftar meal with them. We thank them all very much. We returned to Edirne and found a more beautiful home than our own,” Ishak Ibrahimzadeh, the head of the Jewish community in Turkey, was quoted by the Turkish daily Hurriyet Daily News as saying.

The same source added that the leaders of Jewish community in Turkey “personally served guests at the Ramadan fast-breaking dinner, in a tent set up by the Social Solidarity Foundation.”

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