Ummah group to hold meetings on women’s rights in Islam

SHAFAQNA – The study of women’s rights in Islam at Ummah group meetings, special for English speaking residents of Tehran, will be held weekly since Thursday.

Following the discussion of the principles of religious beliefs and lifestyle, this week cleric Hosseini will examine the system of women’s rights in Islam.

Ummah group invites all professors and students in the field of English, foreign diplomats and employees of foreign embassies and companies in Tehran to attend the meetings.

The Ummah group’s programs in the first half of the current Iranian year begins on Thursday afternoon, from 6.30am to 8pm in the Eshragh Hall, located at the beginning of Kurdistan Boulevard.

Anyone interested can participate in the weekly program.

Telegram: ommahg

Instagram: ummahgroup_ir

Mobile: 09121483104

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