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Under Attack: A bloodstained Eid for the Muslim Ummah

SHAFAQNA – The Muslim world has been rocked by a series of terrorist attacks this holy month of Ramadan, even more so in the run up to Eid al-Fitr, a sacred time for over 1.6 billion Muslims around the world.

Most tragic and destructive of all was the suicide bombing attack carried out in Baghdad. The pain and agony which has befallen the Muslim world since cannot be measured in words … For all their claims of sanctity, Daesh militants forever remain brutal assassins, bloodthirsty goons, whose wretchedness knows no bound.

There can never be any glory or grace in the butchering of innocent civilians. From Istanbul to Bangladesh the Black Flag has caused devastation and death, a cancer onto the world which ought to be struck out.

Still in face of such hardship Muslims have rallied around their faith to celebrate Eid al Fitr.


Families need such occasions to come together and enjoy each other. That being said it is difficult not to notice the growing wedge which has formed in between rich and poor. Social inequalities remain a source of grave concern, as they can fan instability, and when played against the narrative of terror – radicalism.

It is important therefore that we remember how many families this Eid will have to make do with very little. It is important we remember that our Islamic duty is first and foremost to the poor, and the weak.

As Ramadan now ends we ought to remember its lessons of charity, kindness, compassion and restraint, to make the coming year a tribute to Islam.

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