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University professor: Ayatollah Sistani recommendations defeat conspiracy of enemies

SHAFAQNA ( Exclusive ) – Dr Mohammad Reza Emam Dean of divinities in Faculty of Tehran University, said the recommendations issued by the Ayatollah Sistani for fighters and Iraqi military, showing the visions of Shia and origin of Islam .as well as to those who say that Muslims follow the scholars must be affected by these recommendations .He added in an interview with ” Arabic Shafaqna” . The masses may be received over the years instructions from their governments or leaders or politicians , in issues are not compatible with Islam.

Ayatollah Sistani felt necessary to Report to the military the visions of Islam and Shiism. Ayatollah Sistani chose the military because this category should not underestimate and underestimate the lives , money and dignity of people, but they must take care of them.

Dean College of divinities felt that the recommendations of Ayatollah Sistani and in addition to its character of the Enlightenment, they are an invitation also to religion, that these recommendations will lead everyone to know that there is no difference between Shia and non-Shia from the viewpoint of Shia scholars and everyone has to respect each others . These recommendations push who are looking for the logic and the right to defend Islam, scholars, and thus  defeats the conspiracy .He stressed that in light of these recommendations can be seen that the views and opinions of scholars completely different from what promoted by the media or that claim Islam in apparent.

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