Unmarried Muslim couples BANNED from riding motorbikes under sharia law

SHAFAQNA –  MPs in Indonesia approved the regulation as part of “efforts to implement sharia law fully”. Lawmaker Fauzan Hamzah said: “Unmarried people sitting closely together on a motorcycle is clearly against Islamic sharia as it could lead to sinful acts.” North Aceh is the only district in Indonesia ruled by sharia law, having been granted autonomy in 2001. Gambling and drinking are illegal, and in 2010 two women were caned for selling food during Ramadan.

In 2013 women were banned from sitting on motorbikes except side-saddle, but the regulation has rarely been enforced. Other bylaws passed last week include a ban on live music and the segregation of male and female students at school. Hamzah said: “What we do now will be just like what happens currently in traditional Islamic boarding schools. “I hope this policy won’t only be implemented in the North Aceh regency, but in the entire province.”

Source : http://www.express.co.uk/

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