US airline apologizes to Muslim woman over discrimination

SHAFAQNA - An American airline has made an apology to a US Muslim woman after a flight attendant accused her of being a terrorist by refusing to give her an unopened can of soda. 

Last week, Tahera Ahmad said on her Facebook that the flight attendant discriminated against her when she gave an unopened can of soda to a passenger sitting next to her and she was refused to get one because she might “use it as a weapon.” 

United Airlines said in a statement, “Ms. Ahmad was our customer and we apologize to her for what occurred on the flight.” 

“After investigating this matter, United has ensured that the flight attendant, a Shuttle America employee, will no longer serve United customers,” Charles Hobart, a spokesman for United, Said. 

“United does not tolerate behavior that is discriminatory — or that appears to be discriminatory — against our customers or employees,” Hobart said. 

However, he did not mention whether the employee has been fired. 

American activist Safiyya Sarkin described the incident as “despicable” and said discriminatory practices should be stopped around the world. 

“I find this despicable and there is no excuse for discriminatory practices when a person was an innocent person on a plane,” the president and founder of Women Beyond Survival told Press TV. 

“Discriminatory practices should not be allowed any place on the planet,” she said. “I would be the first one to boycott American airlines and anything to do with American airlines.” 

Ahmad is the director of interfaith engagement and associated chaplain at Northwestern University.

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