US Muslim girls design their own sport uniforms

SHAFAQNA – The solution the girls from the Cedar Riverside girls’ community basketball team in Minneapolis arrived at, with the help of students at the University of Minnesota College of Design and the Tucker Center for Research on Girls & Women in Sport, were new uniforms they designed themselves to be culturally and religiously appropriate.

Officially unveiled at a fashion show event Wednesday on the University of Minnesota campus, the new uniforms consist of a long-sleeve tunic top, a flexible skirt, leggings and a tighter hijab, Minnesota Daily reports. They are made of a breathable fabric. The hijab is fastened in place with Velcro for added safety.

Female Muslim athletes have been blocked from participating in major events due to their Hijab.

In 2011, the Iranian women’s soccer team was disqualified from the Olympics because the FIFA banned their hijabs, though FIFA overturned its headscarf ban the following year. And last year, the International Basketball Association faced criticism over its ban on hijabs.

Source: Huffington post

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