US praises Saudi Arabia, UAE for bombing ISIL targets in Syria

Pentagon’s spokesman Rear Admiral John Kirby said on Thursday that the two Arab states dropped more bombs than American warplanes, adding that they sent 10 jets to join six US aircraft.

SHAFAQNA– The US military has announced that Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates played the leading role in the bombing campaign against ISIL targets in Syria.

“Largely that comes from the fact that the bombs they were dropping were of greater weight,” he said.

US defense officials said the two Arab countries represented 80 percent of the tonnage dropped on the targets on Wednesday.

The ISIL targets included a dozen oil refineries in eastern Syria that was one of the terrorist group’s financial resources.

“It wasn’t about obliterating the refineries off the face of the map, it was about degrading their ability to use these refineries …,” the Pentagon’s spokesman said.

Kirby also said the US military is looking into allegations that civilians were killed in the attacks, adding that there is still no credible report on such deaths.

Earlier, Syrian opposition sources reported some civilians were killed in the airstrikes on Wednesday.

During his speech at the UN General Assembly on Wednesday, President Barack Obama promised that the US-led military campaign against ISIL terrorists will destroy their “network of death.”

Obama said Washington would continue to support the insurgents fighting against the Syrian government in order to help them confront ISIL.

He also called on the international community to join the US-led fight against the terrorist group.


Source: Press TV


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