US Secretary criticizes to receive a Saudi official sent two children to fight with “Daash”

SHAFAQNA ( Exclusive ) – President of the Institute for Gulf Affairs in Washington, Ali al-Ahmed criticized US Secretary of State John Kerry for his meeting yesterday in Washington with Saudi interior minister, Mohammed bin Nayef, who is currently on a visit to the United States.

Al-Ahmed said in a letter sent yesterday to John Kerry: “We are shocked by your meeting with Saudi Interior Minister who is a killer and involved in crimes of human rights violations, and supportive of terrorism,” accusing Mohammed bin Nayef ; Ali added that :  he send at least two of children to fight with Daash and Front victory their name : Maad Hamli (16 years), and Aaron Aqeel (17 years old, were killed last week, according to the announcement from Daash).

Al-Ahmad said that with those two children, additional two other sent , their names Mohammed Al talak and Mohammed Rashudi (both 20 years), Mohammed bin Nayef issued to them passports without the knowledge of their parents, and then sent them to fight among Daash and Front victory.

Al-Ahmad said in his letter that the meeting, which coincides with the World Day for Human Rights; came at a time when thousands of detainees languishing politicians in political prisons, and listed in this context, of activists and jurists names, in addition to the sheikhs of Sunnis and Shias were sent . He added: “The Minister of Interior is in the second time of this month order to arrest of two women Maysa alomodi and lajeen Alhzlol for driving car.”

The Ministry of Interior announced before the arrival of Mohammed bin Nayef to Washington, 335 people arrested on charges of terrorism, including twenty of the Shia. Amnesty International said two days ago that Saudi Arabia used “terrorism” to hit the activists and demanding political reform, citing many examples of this in the framework of long arrests of peaceful dissidents terrorism-related charges.

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