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Vaccine-free daycare could cause outbreak, hurt infants Public Health says

SHAFAQNA (International Shia News Association) – A vaccine-free daycare in the east end is stirring up controversy among local medical professionals.

A local couple opened the centre, saying they believe vaccines will infect their children with the diseases the shots aim to protect the child against, a theory CFRA medical commentator Dr. Barry Dworkin has no scientific proof backing it up.

Now health experts are saying the centre could cause an outbreak, similar to the measles outbreak in the United States.

Dr. Carolyn Pim with Ottawa Public Health says last year Ottawa only saw four cases of the measles, and that’s thanks to Ottawa’s high immunization rate.

“What you see is in groups that have higher rates of refusal of immunization,” she said, pointing to a British Colombia community with low vaccination rates leading to a 400-case outbreak of the measles.

Pim says daycare centres are hot spots for infectious diseases, and a vaccine-free daycare could hurt some of the city’s most vulnerable children, like infants who haven’t yet been vaccinated.


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