Wahhabism … on devil worship and systematic blood-letting

SHAFAQNA – If the roots and history of Wahhabism have long been debated and talked about, the tenets of its faith and the practices it sanctions remain somewhat shielded in religious semantics, hidden behind a clever game of smoke and mirrors by those powers which seek its rise. In fact, many scholars and observers continue to argue that the real face of Wahhabism still remains occulted for its unveiling would speak too loudly of its devilish ties.

Although Wahhabism has been presented as Islamic in nature  – the purification its followers have claimed of Islam; a return to the faith of the last prophet of God as he intended it and enounced it to its companions, this dogma has increasingly taken Satanist characters.

Testimonies from Syria have revealed a rather disturbing facet of Wahhabism as its adepts have taken to parading their dead, those they call martyrs, through the streets of the cities and villages they hold captive, as part of their funeral rituals. Displayed and exposed, the dead are being presented as heroes to be worshipped by the crowd.

Needless to say that such practices stand in utter negation of Islam, and bear no root in monotheism.



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