Warning as Chinese gang fakes £2 coins expected to flood into Britain

SHAFAQNA – Police have warned that the Chinese crooks have learned how to make near- perfect £2 coins and are preparing to flood Britain with their forgeries. The bi-metallic, bi-colour coins – they contain both gold and silver – were thought to be near-impossible to forge.

But a seizure of fake euro coins has raised fears that Britain’s £2 coin is now in the gang’s sights. Italian detectives seized the counterfeits in Naples.

It was one of the most significant haul of fake coins in European history. The imitations are of such high quality that they would even be accepted in vending machines, costing businesses thousands of pounds.

A spokesman for the Royal Mint stressed that forgeries of £2 coins are not yet thought to be commonplace.

He said: “A bi-colour coin is much harder to counterfeit because replicating the two metal components, the inner and outer, is significantly more difficult than a single component coin. Forgers would also require a highly sophisticated press to produce bi-colour coins.

“The coin detector mechanism of vend- ing machines and self-service check-outs can detect the two different metal components, in addition to the conduc- tivity, thickness and diameter of the coin. The addition of edge lettering is also very hard to counterfeit, and some circulating

£2 coin designs also include a latent feature which is diffi- cult to replicate.”

A British investigator said counterfeiters had to date struggled to make convincing £2 coins. He said: “You’ve always been able to tell a fake by dropping it on a table. They rattle because the two bits have not been stuck together properly.”

But he warned that alarm bells should sound if Chinese gangs have started exporting counterfeits via Italy.

Source : http://www.express.co.uk/

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