Washington is considering a plan to provide a “nuclear umbrella” for the Gulf States

SHAFAQNA (Exclusive ) – The newspaper “Al Hayat ” in London Thursday, said Western sources say that US Secretary of State John Kerry, will put in Riyadh, where he arrived yesterday a plan being considered by President Barack Obama’s administration to secure a “nuclear umbrella to its allies in the Gulf” to ensure the defense of the region against any nuclear attack launched by Iran or others .The sources confirmed that the talks between Washington and its allies in the Gulf Cooperation Council on the Iranian nuclear file is in “defensive and mostly affect the details of the negotiations with Iran and the possibility of securing a US nuclear umbrella to the Gulf states, to protect it from any nuclear danger.”

This will be the umbrella, if translated into the ground, similar to that provided by Washington to Japan, South Korea and countries of the Atlantic alliance, and to protect those countries from nuclear attack, without having to develop atomic capabilities.Kerry rejected, after talks with his Iranian counterpart, Mohammad Javad Zarif, in the Swiss city of Montreux lasted three days, invitations to “acquiescence” of Tehran for the settlement of the nuclear issue, but He stressed that the United States seeks to “properly deal” has the blessing of the international community.

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