The way Imam Hassan (AS) was martyred

SHAFAQNA – In most Shia references, it has been mentioned that, Moawiyah tempted Ja’adah the wife of Imam Hassan (AS) to poison Imam (AS), so afterwards; she could become rich and powerful by marrying Yazid the son of the Caliph. Ja’adah the daughter of Ash’ath ibn Qais thought by killing Imam Hassan (AS), she could become the bride of the Caliph of the time with huge wealth and power. So she poured the poison which Moawiyah gave her in the milk and at the time of breaking fast (Iftar) gave it to Imam Hassan (AS) to drink. Imam (AS) drank a bit and immediately felt the effect of the poison and said: I am from Allah (SWT) and will return to God. Imam Hassan (AS) cursed Ja’adah and she never became the bride of the Caliph as it was her wish, because Moawiyah told her: I fear what you did to the son of the Prophet of Allah (SWT) by poisoning him; you will do the same to my son [1].

[1] Sharhe Nahjul Balaghah, Ibn Abel Hadeed, Vol. 16, Page 11.

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