Ways of destroying the belief

SHAFAQNA – From practical point of view, belief can be weakened or eradicated mainly in two ways; one is to ignore the divine decrees which scientifically weakens the roots of the belief and often can destroy the roots of the belief and the other having the sense of wanting too much. Omar Saad is a clear example of this type, according to some narrations, Obaidullah gave him the governance of Ray and told Omar Saad: First go to karbala and then move towards Ray. It is mentioned in history that when he was told that he must go to Karbala and fight Imam Hussain (AS), he said: I repent and seek refuge in God; I? I fight Hussain (AS)? Kill him? I repent to God. Obaidullah told Omar: If you do not want to do it, then give back the governance of Ray. Omar Saad said: Give me until morning, then he made his decision and went to Karbala. This can happen to all of us, we all can be forced to choose between the religion or the world [1].

[1] Soluke Ashuraei, Manzel Chaharrum by Ayatollah Sheikh Mojtaba Tehrani, page 124.

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