Ways of self-control and self-purification

SHAFAQNA – The instructions for self-control and self-purification include avoiding useless talk; and in fact avoid any talk which has nothing to do with mentioning God. Avoid socializing with those who are not servants/friends of Allah (SWT). Avoid sleeping too much; and mentioning God (Zikr) with complete due care. Servants/friends of Allah (SWT) have experienced and achieved this by continuing to mention (Zikr) of “Ya Hayyo Ya Qayyum, Ya Man La Elaha Ella Ant”, and I also experienced the same Zikr. But my Zikr is more “Ya Allah”; by removing non-God from the heart, and by having total concentration towards Allah (SWT). Of course the important point is that, Zikr is accompanied with total attention, and other matters do not rival Zikr. If this is done for forty days and nights, doors of lights of wisdom, insight, and affection will be opened to the seeker of the truth; then the seeker of the truth will be elevated to very special position (the position of Fanaye Fillah wa Baqaullah) where he/she does not follow everyday life like other people [1].

[1] Rozatul Mottaqeen, Allamah Majlisi, Vol. 13, page 127.

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