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We categorically refuse any violation of Religious Independence – say Bahrain Clerics

SHAFAQNA – Clerics in Bahrain issued an official statement categorically refusing any violation of the freedom and independence of religious affairs, as well as the dominance of state authorities over religious affairs in any form whatsoever.

In their statement issued on last Thursday, they stressed that “Islam is a lofty religion in its structure and independent in its provisions, thus it has a right to be a reference in this nation, a guide for its thought and conduct and a liberator of its will, not be a prisoner for one party or another, held hostage under their will, interests and corruption.”

“We; hereby, announce that we reject the latest statement issued by the Ministry of Justice, Islamic Affairs and Endowments (Waqf) mentioning that the ministry seeks to reform Zakat (almsgiving) and other financial provisions in Islam within a special framework set by the ministry itself,” the statement concluded, stressing that “Islamic Sharia provisions have their special frameworks and specific terms, and believers only strive to adhere to these frameworks and terms.”

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