We feel proud that since day one, we are opposing dialog with terrorists and supporting operation, Allama Nasir Abbas Jafari

SHAFAQNA – Muslimeen Pakistan Allama Nasir Abbas Jafari said while adressing to Majlis of Martyrdom of Daughter of Rasool Hazrat Fatima Zahra (S.A.) that martydom is bliss for us. we are brave and courageous in the field, are up against oppression, then we make commitment for supporting oppressed and stood up for confronting oppressors and according to the will of Mola and saying of martyred Quaid we are enemy of every oppressor even he is a Shia and are supporter of every oppressed even he is an infidel. We are standing up for confronting oppression by people’s struggle. We made innocence a power and isolate oppression and takfiriat. We opposed dialog, we said in Karachi at that time that dialog with Taliban is like dialog with Shaitan. We feel proud that since day one we are opposing dialog with terrorists and supporting operation. With the power of oppressed we have opposed dialog and today it is difficult for takfiris and their allies to find any justification.

He further said that there are two types of people some are brothers in creation and some are brothers in religion, we are of opinion to respect every human being. By our struggle FIR was registered against Prime minister, chief minister and cabinet. My tribute is to those daughters of Minhaj ul Quran who were martyred by bullets while saying ‘Labaik Ya Hussain’ and ‘Ya Ali’. Our Sisters, slaves of Fatima, revolutionists … raising slogans of ‘Ya Zahra’ and ‘Ya Zainab’ were distributing the lesson of gallantry for seventy days in Islamabad. In Pakistan Shia and Sunni were united in difficult time and we have shattered the atmosphere of fear, we have not sit at home by fear and we are in the field. If enemy would cut us into pieces even then we would not be afraid. Hazrat Qasim was of 13 years old when he fought by penetrating into enemy’s rows. Same Qasim is our instructor. In Kufa everyone recognizes Hazrat Sani e Zahra and even then came for stoning at Ali’s daughter, Bibi invite these frightful people in the tone of Ali, bibi’s voice was also in veil no doubt that there was no veil on her head. Messenger of freedom addressed to people plunged in fear and revive their bravery and they first repented and then stood wrathfully and then Yazidiat was defeated.

Source : MWM

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