We need to stand shoulder to shoulder with Muslim communities under attack

SHAFAQNA – An article in ” stopwar”  In 2014, in the so-called Trojan Horse affair, it was alleged that extremists had tried to take over several schools in Birmingham to advance radical interpretations of Islam. In March 2015, a series of official investigations reported that the claims were groundless.

‘One incident apart, no evidence of extremism or radicalisation was found by any of the inquiries in any of the schools involved. Neither was there any evidence of a sustained plot, nor of significant problems in other parts of the country.’

So all those headlines, all those news reports, all those condemnations from politicians and so many opinions from ‘experts’ in law and order, education and social services, were based on speculation and prejudice. This reveals the extent of the problem. Islamophobic assumptions have become normal in many core British institutions.

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