Western Muslims and the future of Islam in West

SHAFAQNA – Is the westernness of Western Muslims a point of departure from the Muslim Ummah? Is the westernness a barrier or an identity that requires attention?  To what extent can this identity work for the unity as part of an Ummah?

The Western Muslim is yet another part of the Muslim family. While the need is there to recognize the cultural context and respond to the needs of that identity, it is not a marker of separation. The questions that need to be asked is what is the Western Muslim doing to bring together the Ummah and enhancing the identity of the Muslim Ummah. The strength of the Ummah has the potential to be greater than its constituent parts if this identity seeks to serve rather than just carve or just care for its own future.

Does this then require a fresh reading of Islamic sources, interpreting them for a Western context and demonstrating how a new understanding of universal Islamic principles can open the door to integration into Western societies?

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