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What are the causes of seditions?

SHAFAQNA – Imam Ali (AS) said: Indeed, the sources of seditions (Fitnah) are; following own (false) desires, and introducing heresy into Divine Decrees, innovating things which are against the Quran; and a group with the two mentioned perversions, dominating other group, which is against the religion. Therefore, if the truth had not been mixed with the untruth; it would have not been hidden from the seekers of the truth, and if the truth had remained separate and pure from the untruth, the tongue of the enemy would have been cut. But they take a part of the truth (Haq) and a part of the untruth (Batel) and mix them together, and it is there that Satan dominates his friends, and only those who are granted God’s mercy and kindness will be saved [1].

[1] Nahjul Balaghah, Sermon 50.

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