What are the effects of showing ingratitude towards Divine Blessings?

SHAFAQNA – Divine Blessings must be appreciated and looked after by using them at the right time, at the right place, and to the right measure. In other words they must be used according to God’s satisfaction. It has been narrated that one of the reasons for the pressure of the grave is due to wasting Divine Blessings [1]. We must show gratitude towards Divine Blessings by words (such as praise be to Allah (SWT)) and by action in order not to lose them. In Ayah 7 of Surah Ibrahim, Allah (SWT) says: “If you are grateful, I will add more blessings for you; but if you show ingratitude, truly God’s punishment is terrible indeed.”

[1] Dars’ha’ie az Akhlaq, Page 102.

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