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What are the Roots of Religion?

Shafaqna – The Roots of Religion, Usool -e- Deen, are the five beliefs that every Muslim must hold on to. This may also be referred to as the Five Pillars of Islam yet are categorized differently between the sects of Islam.

From the Shite perspective, the Roots of Religion are as follows:

Oneness of God (Tawheed) – There is only one God. He has neither a colleague nor a partner. He begets not, nor is He begotten, and there is none like Him

Justice of God (Adaalat) – God is Just. He will reward or punish any person according to his or her own deeds.

Prophethood (Nubuwwat) – God sent to earth 124,000 Prophets with His message to guide all humans. The first of whom was Adam and the last was Muhammad (PBUH). Muslims believe that Moses, Jesus, Abraham and David were all Prophets sent to guide the nations on earth.

Guidance (Imamat) – After Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), 12 Imams, as the rightful leaders and successors, were ordained by God to continue as guides to the Muslims. The first Imam was Ali and the last is the awaited one, the Mahdhi who is currently in occultation by the order of Allah (SWT). Imams are sinless and receive knowledge from God, and their verdict is the verdict of God.

Day of Judgement (Qiyaamat) – At the end of the world, all humans shall be resurrected and judged by Allah (SWT) for their deeds. They will be awarded a place in the heavens or punished to hell accordingly.

Source: Ahlulbayt TV

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