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What are the signs of arrogance?

SHAFAQNA – Some of the signs of an arrogant person are outlined below.

  1. Has superiority complex and considers others as inferior.
  2. Avoids socializing with others in the same level as him/her.
  3. Does not eat with other people.
  4. Expects others to be respectful and humble towards him/her.
  5. Does not benefit from others knowledge.
  6. Gets annoyed if given (appropriate) advice.
  7. Treats harshly those who advise him/her.
  8. Gets annoyed if his words are rejected.
  9. Does not accept the words of those who are better/higher than him/her.
  10. Sees other people as animals.
  11. In some cases when others are right, is not prepared to recognize their rights [1].

[1] Dars’hayei az Akhlaq, Page 224.

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