What can hatred do to a person?

SHAFAQNA – It is narrated from Imam Hassan Askari (AS) who said: The least comfortable person is the hateful one [1]. According to Islamic teachings, a believer cannot be hateful. Most bad characteristics such as, backbiting, lying, false accusation, making fun of others and jealousy originate from hatefulness [2].

As Imam Askari (AS) said, the first victim of hatefulness is the person who is hateful. As long as this psychological problem exists in a person, he/she is not able to find peace and tranquillity. It is like the heart of the hateful person is being covered with thick curtain and as a result he/she is not able to see the light and the beauty. A hateful person is always involved in self-conflict and is the single prisoner of the self-made prison.

[1] Tohaful Oqool, Page 519.

[2] Merajal Sa’adah, Page 212.

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