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What did Imam Ali (AS) say after the passing away of Lady Fatima Zahra (AS)?

SHAFAQNA – It is narrated from Imam Ali (AS) who said: It was the will of Allah (SWT) who wanted Lady Fatima Zahra (AS) to join the Prophet (PBUH) sooner than others. After her, my patience has reached the end and my self-control is lost, but as I was patient with your separation, O’ the Prophet of God (PBUH), I have no choice but to be patient after the passing away of your daughter; patience is difficult for me. After her, the sky and the earth look ugly to me, and I will never be relieved from my grief. My eyes are sleepless and my heart burns from my sorrow, until God take me next to you. Zahra’s death was such a shock to me that made my heart tired and my grief everlasting; and how soon our gathering was disturbed. If there was no fear of domination of oppressors, I would have stayed here (next to the grave of Lady Fatima (AS)) and cried for this massive calamity, like a mother who has lost her child [1].

[1] Osul Kafi, Vol. 1, Page 159.

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