What did Imam Ali (AS) say before accepting to become the leader of Islamic nation?

SHAFAQNA – When people came to Imam Ali (AS) to request him to become the leader of the Islamic nation, Imam (AS) said to them: Leave me and find someone else because we are going to face seditious events which will have different aspects and consequently the hearts and minds will not remain firm in this accord. The face of the truth is covered with dark clouds of sedition and the straight path of justice has remained unknown.

Be aware! If I accept your invitation, I will behave towards you the ways which I know and I will not listen to this and that sayings or the reproaches of the accusers. If you leave me alone, I will be one of you who listens and obeys the chief of the government better than you; with all that I said, If I become your consulting advisor is better than to become your leader [1].

[1] Nahjul Balaghah, Sermon 91.

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