What did Jabrail say to the Prophet(PBUH) regarding Lady Khadijah (SA)?


SHAFAQNA – Abu saeed Khedry narrated from the Prophet of Islam (PBUH): In the night of Meraj, when Jabrail took me to the sky, on the way back, I asked Jabrail if he had a request from me. Jabrail replied: I request is that you convey God’s Salaam and my Salaam to Khadijah (SA). When the Prophet (PBUH) reached earth, conveyed the Salaam of Allah (SWT) and Jabrail to Lady Khadijah (SA). Lady Khadijah (SA) replied: Verily, the pure and holy nature of Allah (SWT) is Salaam and Salaam is from the Almighty, Salaam will return to God and Salaam to Jabrail [1].

[1] Jame’ul Ahadith by Allamah Majlesi, Vol. 16, Page 7.


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