What does Daesh presence means to Pakistan: Shafaqna Exclusive

SHAFAQNA  (International Shia News Agency)  – From last few months, news are circulating about Daesh presence in Pakistan and these news are substantiated by graffiti’s splashed on walls in different parts of the country. Meanwhile number of Pakistani citizens have been arrested from Lahore, Multan,Karahi, Federal Capital and other cities in connection with Daesh. The most horrible thing is that Daesh has made inroads to government’s machinery and a recent arrest of and FBR officials show the height of threat.

There is no second opinion that Daesh is splinter group of Al-Qaeda which is foreseeing two major events in the region that is NATO withdrawal and operation launched by Pakistani forces against their strategic ally TTP. Thus by providing foothold to Daesh in Pakistan means Al-Qaeda wants to kill two birds with One stone. They Want Pakistan army to divert their attention to Daesh withdrawing forces from tribal belt and culminating action against their strategic ally TTP.

On the other hand by Increasing Daesh tentacles in Pakistan, they want NATO and other Western countries to divert their attention on Daesh and leaving them alone, thus they could freely devise new strategies that could help him capture Kabul after NATO withdrawal.  Daesh presence in Pakistan could also lead a civil war ongoing in Iraq and Syria, thus making Pakistan a toothless Islamic country.


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