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What does Divine Forgiveness mean?

SHAFAQNA – Commenting on the short eloquent saying number 30 in Nahjul Balaghah from Imam Ali (AS), the Grand Ayatollah Javadi Amoli said: Imam Ali (AS) said: Sometimes, the human being makes a mistake and God is “Sattaral Oyoub” (meaning, the One who covers the faults), but we must not make a mistake in differentiating between “Sattaral Oyoub” and “Qaffaral Dhonoub” (meaning, the One who forgives). “Sattar” means it exists and it is hidden, “Qaffar” means it is forgiven and it is forgiveness of the sin. Imam (AS) said: At the beginning, Allah (SWT) may hide the mistakes of the human being and preserve his/her dignity; but this is like an old hidden wound, and at one time, this wound will eventually be opened. That is why we have been told every day and every moment to self-evaluate our account (deeds) and then the human being is comfortable; which we hope everyone God-willing will be granted Divine Forgiveness.


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